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Course: Raising Healthy Kids

Ever Wish Your Kids Came with a Manual?

You’re not alone. I’m a doctor and still didn’t know what to do when my kids were born. There’s so much conflicting information out there in an increasingly toxic world. From what to feed them to how we handle colds and flus, there’s a lot of room for panic and bad decisions. I don’t know about you but mine didn’t come with an instruction manual. Of course, the grandparents think they know it all, but the world has changed so fast that the wisdom of elders isn’t enough. We need science and tradition.

Enter the “Raising Healthy Kids” course. I set out to find the answers as my wife and I scratched our heads, one flu at a time. I enlisted two of the top holistic pediatricians in the world to help us film this course. It’s robust, informative, easy to follow, and chock full of healthy wisdom you need for your kids.

The two pediatricians we tapped have vast experience in the field. Working in Los Angeles and San Francisco, they’ve seen it all and have helped many families stay healthy in a world filled with new bugs and too much screen time. We dove straight into the core issues that are affecting most parents of younger children and they’ve provided additional resources for our students. This course is a treasure trove for anyone who’s got kids under eighteen.

If you’ve got kids at home, you’re going to have issues come up. That’s just a fact of life. They bring home bugs and lose sleep and so do we. It impacts the whole family and sets us back for weeks. The loss of sleep, productivity, and quality of life can really hurt your family life and career. Let’s intercept this pattern and avoid lots of unnecessary pain by preventing illness where possible and healing faster when we do get sick.

If you’re ready to feel more confident that you’re doing the right thing for your kids, you’re in the right place. If you are tired of the frustration of missing school and events over too many recurring colds and flus, you’re home. If you want the best for your children and are unsure what to feed them and how to think about supplements, we’ve got your back.

Rest assured that there’s help and you don’t need to go it alone. It’s time to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of two of the best pediatricians who are here to teach you how to navigate these choppy waters. It can make all the difference in the world and save you lots of unnecessary pain and suffering.

Welcome to the “Raising Healthy Kids” course. You’re in good hands.

Happy Healthy Kids Can Better Enjoy Life

Module 1

Resilience and Vitality

The human body is amazing and a child’s immunity is a force of nature. In this module, we learn how to build resilience and prop up your child’s energy and immunity so they can stay healthy through all the ups and downs of life.

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Module 2

Pink Eye

Pink eye is common with children. In this module we learn how to avoid it and how to treat it if it does come home with your kids. There are healthy ways to combat this condition

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Expert Advice We All Need

Know What to Do

Module 3

Stomach and Digestive Issues

You can tell your kids are having emotional swings when their tummy isn’t working right. In this module we learn how to enhance digestion and keep their gut lining healthy. Food to avoid and toxins to be avoided are just part of this learning.

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Module 4

Recurring Fevers

Fevers are the worst. Nobody sleeps. There’s pain, suffering, and fear. In this module, we explore the best ways to deal with fevers when they come. We need to know when to be worried and when to allow the kid’s system to fight it out.

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Module 5

Picky Eaters

Unfortunately, not all kids are easy. If you’ve got a picky eater, this module will help you navigate those choppy waters. They need calories and nutrients so we explore strategies to get them nourished without the drama.

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Module 6

Sustained Detox

The body is designed to detoxify all the time but the modern world is already overloading our children with chemical and heavy metals that don’t belong. In this module, we explore how to boost your child’s detox pathways and how to keep them on and cranking.

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Module 7

Sanitizers for Kids

Not all germs are bad and the incessant use of biocidal agents is backfiring on us. In this module, we review what’s safe for kids and how to think about hygiene and sanitation in the modern world.

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Module 8

Screetime and EMFs

We’re being overrun by the media and our kids’ brains are especially susceptible to light, sound, and EMF pollution. In this module we explore how to minimize these invaders and get our children doing healthier activities.

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Module 9

Gut Health and Immunity

70% of our immunity lines the gut and in the developing systems of our children, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Here, we discuss how to heal the gut and keep it that way. We have a chance to save our children from much of the grief we’ve faced in our generation but we need to start now.

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Module 10

Flu Shots and Vaccines

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about vaccines. In this module, our two pediatricians have a frank and respectful discussion about the challenges with vaccines and who may need to be careful with them.

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Module 11

Individual Conditions

This module takes a deeper dive into several other conditions that our kids may face growing up. By no means can we cover everything but the docs get into the major ones and what to do about them.

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Module 12

Ear Nose and Throat Infections

ENT infections are all too common in our kids. In this module we discuss how and why we’re suffering with them so often and what we can do to clear these issues- both acutely and in terms of prevention.

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Module 13


Many ENT infections lead to coughs and then nobody is sleeping. Let’s discuss how to look at coughs and what to do when in terms of treatment. Not all coughs are dangerous and we need to know what to listen for in our kids.

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Module 12


Sometimes the kids can’t sleep. They obviously need it to heal and grow so what can we do to calm their minds and let them settle into a deeper sleep? Our pediatricians dive into the realm of sleep and help us solve this problem.

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Module 13

Structural Manipulation with Osteopathy

This module features a special guest who uses osteopathy and visceral manipulation to help children with a variety of conditions that most doctors give up on. Dr Gill is a “go-to” referral for one of our docs and she introduces us to how bone and tissue structure may lead to many issues.

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Dr. Elisa Song is a board-certified, Stanford-, NYU-, UCSF-trained holistic pediatrician. She founded Whole Family Wellness (formerly Whole Child Wellness), an integrative pediatric practice in Belmont, CA – one of the first and most highly regarded holistic pediatric practices in the country. She created Healthy Kids Happy Kids – dedicated to empowering parents to take charge of their kids’ health … naturally! I’m a holistic pediatrician, integrating conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. She’s also a lecturer for the Center for Education and Development in Clinical Homeopathy (CEDH), Academy for Pain Research, Institute for Functional Medicine, and Holistic Pediatric Association, among others.

Dr. Pejman Katiraei is a board certified pediatrician who is also boarded and fellowship trained in integrative and holistic medicine. He completed his undergraduate at UCLA and then obtained his osteopathic medical degree at Western University of Health Sciences. He then went on to complete a pediatric residency at Loma Linda University, where he stayed on as teaching faculty for over 4 years. Dr. Katiraei has also completed two fellowships in integrative medicine, one with the University of Arizona and another under Dr. Kamyar Hedayat in a French model of integrative medicine called Endobiogeny. Dr. Katiraei is now in private practice in Santa Monica.